NJ Cannabis Legalization: Cartel Corporations vs Small Businesses in New Jersey

There are genuine concerns when it comes to the sale of Cannabis in New Jersey. While Gov. Phil Murphy and the Cannabis Regulatory Commission make their decisions, corporate cartels in the industry are pushing them.

These corporate cartels will easily benefit and take up most of the space in the NJ cannabis community. Being able to use the state’s tax to their advantage and flood these newly opened markets.

The goal for the sales of Cannabis in New Jersey is equity amongst vendors. With big cartel corporations’ intent, small cannabis businesses wouldn’t find a place in the market. In addition, the current dispensary rates for New Jersey are already too expensive with patients complaining about the prices. Prices for patients are going to increase again when the new tax is implemented.

Cannabis users in New Jersey want to see local businesses thrive because of the product quality. Cannabis users don’t want to stand in line for hours at a random location bought by a big corporation to purchase the same expensive pre-rolled joint offered at the other stores.

New Jersey cannabis users want to see thriving local businesses that voted for legalization and can offer various product options including craft cannabis. The NJ Cannabis community wants to build back communities and provide opportunities to those within.

The solution to these issues reigns in the customers. EDA loans are required for the sale of cannabis in New Jersey. At the current time, New Jersey will have to provide EDA loans to every small business or entrepreneur interested in the cannabis industry. Though getting one of these loans takes connections and more money.