CRC & Microbusinesses

Beginning recreational sales on 4/21/22 was an important milestone. The approval does not mark the end of the process; it marks an important step towards making New Jersey a leading cannabis market on the East Coast. It’s being done so in a way that is deliberate, based on lessons learned in other states, and in a manner that holds true to our core values: equity and safety.  We are sure hindsight will agree that the NJ-CRC’s path and pace and deliberateness are good for New Jersey and this cannabis market.

The CRC defines a Micro Business as one with less than 10 employees or a footprint smaller than 2,500 square feet. A Standard license contains no limit on the number of employees or the space their location takes up.

This provision should help New Jersey plant sustainable small businesses throughout the dense and diverse state. Some towns have opted to forbid or limit the number of cannabis operators in their jurisdiction. Although the unlimited number of micro licenses should ensure wide access for the state’s 9 million citizens. As well as the 116 million annual pre-pandemic visitors.

What Microbusiness license applicants need to know

Microbusiness license applicants must prove and maintain compliance with the following requirements to stay qualified:

  • “Facility will take up no more than 2,500 square feet.”
  • “The microbusiness will have no more than 10 employees.”
  • For micro-business Retailers and Manufacturers, the monthly volume will not exceed 1,000 pounds of cannabis.
  • For micro-business Cultivators, the monthly inventory shall not exceed 1,000 cannabis plants.
  • 100% of ownership interest in microbusiness licenses must be held by current New Jersey resident(s) “who have resided in the State for at least the past two consecutive years at the time of application.”
  • At least 51% of the total number of persons included in the microbusiness license application or license holder. This includes all owners, principals, and employees. They must be residents of the municipality where the micro business will be located, or of a bordering municipality.

Hopeful Future

Although the CRC has not provided an exact date as to who and when they will approve licenses, there is a lot of hope for micro-businesses awaiting their decisions. Every micro business has to follow specific and strict guidelines as they are applying specific and strict rules. Here at the Scarlet Reserve, we are one of these micro-businesses awaiting their approval. Staying in the loop of the CRC’s guidelines for months, every day, we now are simply fighting time.