Matawan Chamber Member: Scarlet Reserve Dispensary

Carmen Rivera

Carmen Rivera is a long-time New Jersey resident with over 50 years in the Cliffwood Beach section of Matawan-Aberdeen. Scarlet Reserve is a Latina, minority-owned and operated CBD business.

As of recently, Scarlet Reserve has relocated to 782 Highway 34, Matawan. We were initially located in South Amboy for about a year and a half. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was moving to Matawan! The town has been very accommodating! Residents have been very friendly and welcoming. Terri (Bud Tender) and I both graduated from Matawan High School, which adds to the experience. We’ve had familiar faces from high school visit us.

A Respected Reputation

We hope to continue to build a prosperous business in Matawan and expand across New Jersey. Scarlet Reserve is committed to the continued development of a premium CBD product and creating a strong and credible brand identity.  Scarlet Reserve has created a reputation for having the best quality products and educating all the customers that have visited us. We are here to help educate customers on what is good for them.

Our customers come in with all different needs and we further try to have the best quality products to help with whatever their issue is. In addition to being competitive in the CBD market, we also aim to provide employment opportunities for residents through our entrepreneurial spirit and passion.

Also, in March I applied for NJ Micro-Cannabis Retailer. Our CBD store has been operational for over two years. We hope to be one of the first 100% Latina Owned Micro Retail stores in the State. Wish us luck. We also have a Matawan Discount for all residents and for Chamber members. When you visit the store, please tell the Bud Tender you’re a resident or MACOC member!

Scarlet Reserve is located at 782 Highway 34, Matawan, NJ. Contact us at 732-952-2245 or