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We are a high-quality CBD retailer and future micro cannabis dispensary located in Matawan, NJ. Moving from a legacy to a legal cannabis dispensary, we recently acquired a Micro conditional license to sell cannabis.

At Scarlet Reserve, we’re focusing on something a little different than most: high quality craft cannabis flowers and products. Craft cannabis is all about attention to detail. It’s about growing cannabis plants in small batches, carefully selecting the best genetics, and using precise cultivation techniques to create the highest quality product possible. Craft cannabis growers are passionate about their craft, and they are committed to creating a product that is truly special.

For example, we take great care in selecting only the finest partners and vendors who meet our rigorous standards for quality. We meticulously handpick every individual who we work with to ensure that our products are nothing short of exceptional.


Our vision is to infuse the classic strains of Haze, Piff, and Sour, along with legendary favorites like Jack Herer, with the most popular strains and genetics of today, such as Cookies, Runtz, and Zkittles. This perfect blend of old school and new school creates a truly remarkable product that we are proud to offer to our discerning customers.

At our core, we come from a legacy market that was built on hard work, dedication, and a deep sense of commitment to our clients. We didn’t have the benefit of corporate money or the backing of a large MSO to help us get started. Instead, we relied on our own expertise, ingenuity, and fierce determination to succeed.